Activities of daily living, occasionally called ADLs, are necessary activities that you and your senior might not give a lot of thought to until you have to. So what are they, and what do you need to know?


Home Care in Atlanta GA: Activities Of Daily Living

Home Care in Atlanta GA: Activities Of Daily Living


What Exactly Are Activities of Daily Living?

Activities of daily living seem so simple when you see them listed out. They’re things like using the toilet, eating, and getting dressed. Other activities, like walking and taking a shower, are also included. These activities sound and look simple, but they actually are comprised of some complicated skills. They also require your elderly family member to have certain abilities. And if she’s not able to do these activities any longer, you may need a solution.


They’re a Big Part of Daily Life

But why are ADLs such a big deal? They’re the foundation for your senior to be able to live on her own and age in place. If she’s having trouble with these activities, there are definitely concerns about how she’s doing overall. It’s really important to assess where your senior needs help so that you can support her in those areas. It’s also important to realize that just because she’s having more trouble with activities of daily living, that doesn’t automatically mean that she can’t age in place at all.


Help Your Senior Determine Where She’s Having Trouble

It helps to sit down with your elderly family member and talk about where she’s having issues and what types of issues she’s having. For instance, if she’s having trouble cooking healthy meals, but she’s able to eat easily, that’s something you can work around without her relying on fast food to eat most of her meals. Supporting your senior gives her a way to continue to live life on her terms.


What about When Your Senior Needs More Help?

When she does need more help, you may want to have a plan ready to go. In fact, some aspects of the plan can be put in motion now and ramped up as needed. Bringing in senior care providers to prepare and help with meals is a great way to accommodate your senior now. If in a few months or years she needs help eating, that’s something that they can help her to do as well.

Your senior may worry that having help means she can’t age in place, but that’s not the case at all. Having help ensures that she’s able to stay where she wants for as long as she’s able.


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