How Can Elderly Care Help You’re Senior Keep A Healthy Bladder?

Your senior’s bladder ages right along with her, so that means she may need to adopt some new habits to help her bladder to stay as healthy as possible.
Some of the things that her bladder needs most might mean that these habits are more difficult for your elderly family member to change than she expects. It’s all part of embracing the healthiest lifestyle she can possibly adopt. An Elderly Care provider can help with this.


Senior Care in Dunwoody GA: Healthy Bladder

Senior Care in Dunwoody GA: Healthy Bladder

Drink Plenty of Water Regularly

Fluid intake, especially water, helps to keep your senior’s entire body hydrated. It also helps to flush waste through her kidneys and bladder. If your elderly family member takes medications, it’s even more important for her to get as much water as she can each day. It might be a good idea to talk to your senior’s doctor about how much water she should be aiming for on a daily basis.


Exercise Regularly

You might not think that exercise has much to do with bladder health, but it truly does. When your senior exercises on a regular basis, her whole body is stronger. It can help her to maintain a healthy weight, too. With regular exercise, your senior’s body is able to move fluids through her body more easily, even to and through her bladder. Talk to your senior’s doctor about the right amount of exercise for her.

Restrict Caffeine and Alcohol Intake

Sometimes the things that your senior likes, such as alcoholic beverages and caffeinated drinks, are actually not so great for her bladder. For some people, carbonation is not so good, either. These substances can overstimulate and even irritate your elderly family member’s bladder. And if that’s already a problem for her, then she’s just inadvertently making it worse.


Talk to Her Doctor about Any Bladder Issues

The sooner your elderly family member talks to her doctor about problems she’s noticing with her bladder, the better. That means that her doctor has a better chance of figuring out what’s happening and how to help your elderly family member the most. Earlier detection of any problem means an earlier solution.

Remembering all of these little details can be tough to do, even when your senior wants to be as healthy as she can be. It can help to have elderly care providers there to remind her and help out wherever necessary, too. Just having someone else there can make remembering those new habits a little bit easier.


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