Elderly Care Enabled Don to Thrive at Home with Dementia

“It’s like I don’t even know him anymore,” wailed Maria into the phone receiver. “49 years we’ve been married… this isn’t my Don!”

“Mom, what’s happening?” Ella had been concerned for some time over her dad’s dementia. Her mother’s health was declining too, and it made Ella nervous to think of them all alone out there, ten states away. Her heart was pounding. “What’s happening?”

Senior Care in Marietta GA: Senior Dementia Care Tips

Senior Care in Marietta GA: Senior Dementia Care Tips


“He’s hitting and kicking the nurses at the hospital!”

“What? Dad’s in the hospital? When did that happen? Why?”


“Just after lunch,” Maria cried. “He hasn’t been eating, and he’s been cranky as all get out lately. I tried to encourage him to eat his sandwich, and he threw it at me! I’ve never seen that look in his eyes before!” She sobbed, gasping for breath. “He stormed out of the house and stumbled over the step. He hit his head on the sidewalk when he fell.”


“Oh, Mama,” Ella started crying, too. “I’ll be there as soon as I can!”

Ella booked the next available flight. The next day, she arrived in town and arranged for a taxi to deliver her from the airport to her parents’ house. Her parents didn’t drive much anymore, but they still had a car. Ella drove her mother to the hospital where her dad was staying. Maria was trembling the entire way. When they arrived at the hospital, they found Don sleeping. A nurse called them aside.

The nurse reassured them that Don’s head wound looked okay, and his tests had come back okay. She explained that he had been very constipated when he arrived at the hospital. Once the constipation had been treated, he settled down quite a bit, but he was still confused and upset about being in the unfamiliar environment of the hospital.

The nurse asked some questions about Don’s needs, and Maria’s ability to meet them. She helped them come up with a plan moving forward. The nurse suggested consulting an elderly care agency, who could provide an aide to come and help out. Ella almost wept with relief at the suggestion.

The nurse explained that fiber, fluids, and exercise were key to keeping regular and avoiding constipation. The three women worked out a plan. An elderly care aide would come each morning and take Don out for a nice long walk. When they returned home, Don could take his shower, while the aide made a high-fiber breakfast, with lots of fluids. Maria was often too tired to make much for breakfast, and she thought this arrangement sounded wonderful! They called the agency and set up services.


A few weeks later, Ella and her mom were chatting happily on the phone.

“I just can’t believe the difference, honey,” she gushed. “I feel so much better, and your dad is like his own self again. Well, he’s still forgetful, of course, but he’s just so sweet and happy! He loves going for his walk. The aides are wonderful! While Don and I eat breakfast, the aides clean up the kitchen, the bathroom, and do the laundry. It’s just amazing! Having them help with the doctor appointments has been so incredible. I don’t know how we would be managing right now… actually, I don’t know how we ever were.”


Ella smiled, “I’m so happy it’s working, Mama.”

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